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Lychee & Melon
Harvest: Jul - Sep 2019

Country: Ecuador
Producer: Carmen Tapia
Region: Pichincha
Process: Washed
Variety: Typica Mejorado 
Altitude: 1,840 masl 
Arrival: December 2019

Ecuador is one of the most exotic origins still left relatively unexplored, and it seems the coffees produced here are becoming more popular by the season. Some of the best coffees we’ve had in the last couple of years have been from this country, and the diversity of flavour that exists here is amazing! From our experience, the best lots come from the north and south of the country and the flavours can range from rich caramels and deep purple fruits, to coffees that are bright, zesty and floral. 

The climate, geography and traditional varieties found in Ecuador is the perfect recipe for an extraordinary cup, but this doesn’t come without challenges. It’s location on the equator means selective picking is especially difficult and in many regions, coffee is harvested throughout the year. A branch will often contain coffee at all stages of development with green cherries, ripe cherries and blossoms side by side. With almost continuous picking throughout the year, farmers must manage the harvesting, processing and preparations for export simultaneously. This extended picking cycle is extremely costly and is one of the reasons why Ecuadorian coffees command higher prices than it’s Andean neighbours.

Carman Tapia owns a large 60 hectare farm in Pichincha, northern Ecuador, where she has lived her entire life. She first thought about producing coffee in 2013, when she received a visit from the Agriculture Ministry and was told the farm had ideal climatic and soil conditions to produce it. In April 2014, she planted her first tree and has been focussed on producing the highest quality coffee ever since. Perhaps one of the secrets to her success is that she's kept her production very small. Today, just 0.75ha are planted with coffee but the quality is exceptional. 

For us, this lot sits somewhere between an Ethiopian and a central American coffee. It has incredible florals and tropical notes, with a lovely weight to the body too! Expect a sweet cup with notes of lychee, papaya and melon.