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David Rodríguez | Guatemala | Espresso


Plum Pudding & Golden Syrup
Harvest: February 2019

Country: Guatemala 
Producer: David Rodríguez Batres 
Region: Fraijanes
Process: Washed
Variety: Red Bourbon 
Altitude: 1,800 – 2,200 masl 
Arrival: June 2019

You might remember this coffee from last year, named ‘Santa Marta’ after the farm where it's produced. We loved this coffee so much that we couldn’t resist buying it again, and this years crop is possibly even better! Moving forward, we’ve made the decision to name our coffees after the wonderful people who grow them which is why you’ll find David Rodríguez on the front of these bags in honour of his hard work and dedication.  

Fraijanes is a small region in the south east of the country, situated near the Honduran border. Located on a former volcanic range, this region has loamy clay soils with a balance of minerals quite different from soils in active volcanic ranges. The climate is cloudier and rainier compared to other regions of Guatemala, and the relatively stable temperatures and limited sunlight create full-bodied coffees with lots of balance. Perfect for espresso!

In the beginning, few people believed successful coffee production would be possible on this farm due to the unusual high altitudes for the region. Today, David is producing some of the best quality coffee in Fraijanes and has steadily increased volume of production over time. This coffee is hand picked, fully washed and sun dried on patios. Currently, David mechanically depulps his cherries at a neighbouring farm, but he is in the early stages of constructing his own wet mill. Eliminating the need to transport his cherries elsewhere will give David better ownership over how his coffee is processed, which is likely to benefit quality in the future.

This year, you can expect a bigger body, lots of ripe purple fruit and a slight booziness that reminds us of plum pudding! The flavours are certainly more pronounced but the coffee remains super sweet, clean and composed. We absolutely love these coffees from Fraijanes and whether you like your espresso with or without milk, you’re in for a treat!