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Duber Vasquez | Peru | Filter


Apple & Cacao

Harvest: August 2020
Country: Peru
Producer: Duber Vasquez
Region: Colasay District, Jaen
Process: Washed
Variety: Bourbon & Catuai
Altitude: 1,908 masl 

Duber Vasquez is a first generation coffee producer who owns the two hectare farm Vista Alegre, situated near the remote village of Bombaca, Northern Peru. The coffees from this area are recognised for their great potential but many farmers need support with their post harvest processing in order to consistently produce high quality coffee. Without access to concrete patios or raised beds most of the coffee in the area is dried using tarpaulin sheets, which can result in imperfect or uneven drying if not closely managed. Despite these challenges and hardly any governmental support, Duber and his family have produced this beautiful coffee that is not only testament to their hard work, but a great example of the quality that exists in the area. 

Together with his wife and three children, Duber grows a mix of Bourbon, Catuai and Catimor varieties, as well as guava and plantain crops. This lot consists of Bourbon and Catuai varieties only, and was processed at the small beneficio on the farm. The coffee is dry fermented for 21 hours before being washed and rinsed, and then dried on a tarp for 15-20 days. With notes of apple, cacao and baking spices, this coffee is crisp, sweet and rich. Perfect for all filter brewing methods.