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Red Berries & Rose
Harvest: Aug - Sep 2019

Country: Peru
Producer: Eduardo Campos
Region: La Coipa, San Ignazio
Process: Washed
Variety: Bourbon, Caturra
Altitude: 2,000 masl 
Arrival: December 2019

We're amazed at the potential in Peru! With simple equipment, minimal infrastructure and hardly any governmental support, there are still so many smallholder farmers producing exceptional coffees here. Sadly, the vast majority of these lots are blended together and sold for much less than they’re worth. The country is known for its certified coffees at low prices, which means producers earn a small premium for the certification, but there is no incentive to produce a quality product. In some areas, the price for certified coffees are so cheap, they bring down the price paid to other farmers that cannot afford certification, but are producing higher quality coffee. This situation is unsustainable, and many producers are leaving the industry because they cannot earn enough to support themselves. Sadly, many switch to more profitable, illicit crops like coca, the raw material for cocaine. 

Fortunately, things are changing. There are a number of organisations focused on building the speciality segment by teaching producers how to improve cup quality and rewarding them financially for their investment. With a focus on the North, around Jaen and San Ignacio in Cajamarca, this is the first year Nordic Approach have purchased coffee from Peru. They have teamed up with Origin Coffee Lab and have developed programs with small communities in a few selected areas. The results so far have been impressive. This particular lot, produced by Eduardo Campos was a clear favourite of ours at the annual cupping in Oslo last year, and we’re delighted to be able to share it with you now. 

Located at 2000 masl, Eduardo owns a small 1 hectare farm called La Lima, where he grows two of our favourite varieties, Caturra and Bourbon. The farm has a small beneficio where he hand pulps, ferments and washes the coffee before drying on plastic sheets. The setup here is incredibly basic, but the environment in which the coffee is grown is clearly special. Full, sweet and incredibly juicy, expect flavours of ripe red fruit, florals and a toffee like sweetness. This lot is very complex, and we think it's going to be among the best coffees we roast this year!