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Lemon Drizzle and Black Tea
Harvest: June 2019

Country: Rwanda 
Producer: Alexis & Aime Gahizi
Region: Karongi, Gitesi
Process: Washed 
Variety: Red Bourbon
Altitude: 1,750 - 1800 masl
Arrival: October 2019

Our Rwandan’s have officially landed and we’re kicking off the season with a very special lot produced by father and son duo, Alexis and Aime Gahizi. This time last year, we roasted a coffee named Gitesi (Green Apple & Vanilla), which has become one of our firm favourites since starting Calendar. If you enjoyed this coffee as much as we did, we think you’ll love this one too! 

Like last year, this coffee was processed at the Gitesi washing station, in Rwanda’s western province. What makes this lot special, is that it’s the first, fully traceable, single farmer lot ever produced at Gitesi. There are over 1,800 smallholder farmers delivering cherries to the station and usually these are blended and processed together to make larger day lots. As well as managing the washing station, Alexis and Aime have their own coffee farm and for the first time, they’ve decided to process their coffee separately, and we feel very lucky to be roasting it. 

We source all our Rwandan coffee through Nordic Approach who have built a strong relationship with Alexis and Aime, and have been discussing this project for several years. Expectations were extremely high for this coffee but thankfully it has exceeded everyone's high hopes! This coffee has all the qualities we love from Gitesi, its perfumed, fruity and floral and very sweet. Expect notes of lemon, cherry and black tea with a sweet, sticky mouthfeel.