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José Martinez | Colombia | Filter

Cinnamon & Peach
Harvest: Aug - Sep 2021

Country: Colombia
Producer: José Martinez
Region: Huila
Process: Washed
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Altitude: 1,800 masl

Red and Yellow Bourbon are common coffee varieties found throughout Latin America, but in Colombia a rare hybridisation has occurred producing plants with cherries that ripen pink. Slowly these seeds have spread across the country, and only recently have producers begun to pick and process them separately. Still not much is known about this cultivar, but the plants are productive, require very little fertiliser, and show good resistance to pests and disease. We’ve been lucky to roast some of these coffees over the past few years, and we’re always impressed by their complexity and unique tropical flavour. 

José Martinez is a passionate and innovative producer, who was born and raised on a coffee farm. Growing up,  he learned everything from planting and taking care of the trees, to good post-harvest processing practices. His farm Finca El Casino is beautiful, and the coffee here is grown under natural shade. Producing coffee this way reduces the need for synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, and supports the biodiversity in the area. As well as Pink Bourbon, José grows Caturra and a small amount of Geisha, which we can’t wait to taste later this year. 

We hope you love this coffee as much as we do! Expect a juicy and well balanced cup, with notes of peach, melon and sweet baking spices throughout.