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Karimikui | Kenya | Filter

Blackberry & Rose Hip 
Harvest: December 2021

Country: Kenya
Producer: Rungeto Farmers Cooperative
Region: Kirinyaga
Process: Washed
Variety: SL28, SL34 and Ruiru 11
Altitude: 1,650 masl

Selecting our Kenyan coffees for the season is one of the hardest jobs as a coffee buyer. When these coffees are freshly harvested, they can be extremely intense and drying, and it can be hard to distinguish between the different lots. Instead of focusing on flavour, we’ve learnt to select the coffees with the most balanced acidity and smoothest mouthfeel. We cupped over thirty Kenyan coffees earlier this year and we were delighted to see Karimikui come out on top.

The Karimikui Coffee Factory is one of three washing stations that make up the Rungeto Farmers Cooperative. This is our first time buying from Karimikui, but the same cooperative is also affiliated with Kiangoi; a nearby washing station that produced one of our favourite coffees from last year. The Rugeto Cooperative is a group we are really excited about, and we’re looking forward to learning more about their processes, and continuing to buy their coffee in the future.

With flavours of blackberry and rose hip, this coffee is well balanced, complex and creamy. Perfect for all filter brew methods.