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Valdir Manske | Brazil | Espresso

Fig & Chocolate Almonds
Harvest: October 2021

Country: Brazil
Producer: Valdir Manske
Farm: Sítio Alto Santa Joana
Region: Espirito Santo
Process: Pulped Natural
Variety: Red Catuai
Altitude: 1040 masl

Espírito Santo is one of the smallest states in Brazil, but its territory comprises a beautiful mosaic of landscapes from steep mountains to coastal regions. The average altitude is between 900 to 1200 meters with rugged topography and some isolated peaks. The climate is warm and humid, which can be challenging for growing coffee. It’s not uncommon to find cherries at all stages of development on a single tree, making hand picking a necessity. Despite, or perhaps as a result of these challenges, the quality here is unlike anything else you will find in Brazil. 

Sítio Alto Santa Joana can be found almost halfway between Afonso Claudio and Santa Maria de Jetibá in the Espírito Santo region of Brazil. Producer Valdir Mansk was born and raised near the farm, on which his grandfather, Germano Mansk, began coffee production. The farm was passed on to Valdir’s father, Theodoro, from whom Valdir learned to take care of the land and administer the farm. Valdir began investing in production improvements in 2010 and his first quality investment was the acquisition of a small depulper. Coffee grows on 8 hectares of the farm under the shade provided by the cedar trees planted on the property. Farming remains a family business with Valdir’s wife Irinea as well as Valdir’s sons Thiago, Valdinei, and Gilberto sharing in the work.

This coffee has been processed using the pulped natural method, and Valdir has really perfected his drying process, to ensure the beans do not over ferment. This has resulted in a very clean and sweet espresso, with notes of figs, caramel and chocolate almonds.