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Lemon Curd & Double Cream
Harvest: February 2018 

Country: Colombia 
Producer: Lenis Valderrama Gonzalez
Region: Pitalito, Huila
Process: Washed
Variety: Gesha 
Altitude: 1,461 masl
Arrival: August 2018

With Ethiopia experiencing a slightly later harvest this year, and changes to the way their coffees are traded, this meant many of the shipments arrived into the UK warehouse much later than expected. We had a streak of bad luck, with two out of three of our reserved lots landing badly, showing early signs of age in the cup. 

Feeling a little uninspired by some of the other Ethiopian Lots available at that time, we began looking elsewhere. We were craving our floral fix and started exploring Ethiopian varieties grown in other origins, and were thrilled to discover this gem by Lenis Valderrama Gonzalez!

This coffee is a Gesha variety grown in Huila, Colombia and we couldn’t be happier with this one. We’ve tasted a lot of Gesha / Geisha coffees over the years, and this is up there with the best of them - and at an accessible price!

We love the intense lemon and floral flavours of this coffee, which is characteristic of the Gesha variety. What makes this coffee really interesting is the big creamy body, which you would expect from many Colombian coffees. For us, Lenis Valderrama is pretty close to perfect. The flavours are distinct, intense, and sweet, and the perfectly balanced and smooth body makes for an incredibly satisfying cup.