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Cherry & Chocolate-Covered Raisins
Harvest: May - Jun 2018

Country: Burundi 
Producer: Salum Ramadhan
Region: Nyabihanga, Kayanza
Process: Washed
Variety: Bourbon
Altitude: 1,900 masl
Arrival: December 2018

Our importers, Nordic Approach have been working with Salum Ramadhan since 2011 and this year is the first time they’ve achieved traceability back to the exact hillside and local community where individual lots were grown, picked and sorted. This lot, processed at the Mbirizi washing station consists of cherries produced by the Nyabihanga community in the Kayanza province. In general, Burundian coffees are very complex when processed correctly. The flavours can be bold but the very best lots have an incredible elegance to them which we look forward to year on year!

Mbirizi is the second of four washing stations owned by Salum who does an exceptional job, upholding the highest standard of cherry reception, processing and drying at each one. In order to attract farmers with the highest quality crops, Salum is constantly paying premiums above market prices. This year, 100 Burundian Francs per Kg was paid above the minimum cherry prices and another 50 Francs per Kg once the coffees were sold. Considerable investment has been made into shade drying facilities at Mibrizi which allows entire lots to be dried evenly over longer periods of time. This not only benefits overall cup quality but improves how long the coffee will retain good flavour when stored in its raw state. Organic compost made from the discarded pulp is available to farmers who deliver their cherries here. There is also a nursery where farmers have access to seedlings free of charge.  

We first tasted this coffee back in August as a pre-ship sample and instantly fell in love with it. There’s a wonderful sweetness and depth of flavour to this coffee which makes for a very satisfying cup. Expect notes of maraschino cherry and dried fruits, with an indulgent rich chocolate finish. Delicious!