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Santa Marta | Guatemala | Espresso


Chamomile & Treacle 
Harvest: March 2018 

Country: Guatemala 
Producer: David Rodríguez Batres 
Region: New Oriente
Process: Washed
Variety: Red Bourbon
Altitude: 1,800 – 2,200 masl 
Arrival: June 2018

New Oriente is a small region to the eastern edge of the country, situated along the Honduran border. Located on a former volcanic range, this region has soil made of metamorphic rock with a balance of minerals quite different from soils in active volcanic ranges. The climate is cloudier and rainier compared to other regions of Guatemala and the relatively stable temperatures and limited sunlight create full-bodied coffees with lots of balance. Perfect for espresso.

Finca Santa Marta is the name of the farm owned by second-generation coffee producer David Rodríguez Batres. In the beginning, very few people believed successful coffee production would be possible on this farm due to the unusual high altitudes for the region. Today, David is producing some of the best quality coffee in New Oriente and has steadily increased volume of production over time. 

This coffee is hand picked, fully washed and sun dried on patios. Currently David mechanically depulps his cherries at a neighbouring farm, but he is in the early stages of constructing his own wet mill. Eliminating the need to transport his cherries elsewhere will give David better ownership over how his coffee is processed, which is likely to benefit quality in the future.

This coffee was sourced through Primavera Coffee Source and like everything we tried from Nadine and her team this year, we think this coffee is exceptional. As an espresso it has a caramalised sugar sweetness and a well rounded, soft mouthfeel, reminding us of chamomile tea. When sourcing for espresso we’re looking for coffees that are sweet, clean and balanced. This ticks all three boxes and we think you’re going to love it!