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Alejandra Guzman | Ecuador | Filter

Redcurrant & Marshmallow
Harvest: Aug - Sep 2021

Country: Ecuador

Producer: Alejandra Guzman
Region: Pichincha
Process: Washed
Variety: Caturra
Altitude: 1800 masl

Alejandra and her partner Edgar are relatively new to the coffee industry.  In fact, this beautiful coffee comes from the couple's third harvest at their farm Finca la Gracielita. Before purchasing the farm, Alejandra and Edgar worked as agricultural consultants for the Corporación Financiera Nacional, where they would advise on different projects across the country. In 2018, they went to survey a coffee farm in the province of Chamborazo, and they realised the coffee in the area had huge potential. In June 2019, they purchased a piece of land already planted with mature Caturra and Typica trees and they named the farm after Edgar’s Grandmother, who always dreamed of living in the countryside. Both Alejandra and Edgar believe that the quality of the coffee is directly related to the care that you give the plant and its environment, and we couldn’t agree more.

Finca la Gracielita is a dream come true for the couple. For years they wanted to put their knowledge and experience into their own project, where they could see and live the results firsthand. So far, it's been a very enriching experience and although this is only their third harvest, we’re sure you’ll agree the quality is amazing! 

Expect a juicy, sweet and well balanced cup, with notes of marshmallow, redcurrant and chocolate