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Ananias Silvestre | Colombia | Filter


Plum & Hazelnut Truffles
Harvest: June 2019

Country: Colombia
Producer: Ananias Silvestre
Region: Huila
Process: Washed
Variety: Caturra
Altitude: 2,070 masl
Arrival: October 2019

For us, the perfect festive coffee is one that can be enjoyed by all the family! A coffee that is sweet and balanced, great for sharing and full of indulgent flavours. It’s not easy to find a coffee that ticks all the boxes but this year we’ve definitely lucked out with this small lot produced by Ananias Silvestre.

Huila is an incredibly exciting region to work with, its high altitudes, climate and fertile soils provide perfect growing conditions for coffee and there’s a huge variety of flavours to be found here! We tend to gravitate towards the fruity, rich and complex profiles but you can easily find light, bright and citrusy coffees as well as funky, jammy and natural tasting ones too! This coffee was grown at a whopping 2,070 masl in Guadalupe, Huila and for anyone new to coffees from this region, this is a great example of those fruity, rich and complex lots we love so much!

Finca Bella Vista is the name of the 2.5 hectare farm owned and run by Ananias Silvestre. Here, he tends to around 8,000 Caturra trees, a variety that thrives in these soils and altitudes. At the farm, cherries are harvested twice a year with picking taking place between April-July and October-December. This lot was picked in June when the harvest was at its peak and the cherries are most uniform in quality.  

Suitable for all filter brew methods, you can expect notes of plum, rich chocolate truffles, sweet toasted hazelnuts and black tea. With great depth, this coffee is full of flavour and incredibly moreish! Perfect with a mince pie...or three!