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Benti Nenka | Ethiopia | Filter

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  • Papaya & Bergamot
    Harvest: January 2023

    Country: Ethiopia
    Producer: Benti Nenka Washing Station
    Region: Guji
    Process: Washed
    Variety: Wolisho & Kurume
    Altitude: 2,000 - 2,500 masl

    The Guji region of southern Ethiopia is a remote place, beautifully forested and in many ways it's an untouched area of the country. With lots of young trees, fertile soils and high altitudes, the coffees from this region have become very popular in the last few years - known for their balanced acidity and delicious tropical flavour.

    The Benti Nenka washing station is located in the Heart of Guji with a total of 600 farmers delivering cherries from surrounding areas. All coffee here is picked by hand, and the average farm size is 2-3 hectares. With large areas of virgin forest, the soils here are incredibly rich and fertile. There is little need for fertiliser, and the majority of coffee here is organically produced but not certified.

    Coffees from this region are distinct and delicious, and we're delighted to have Benti Nenka back for the second year. Expect a bright, sweet and complex cup with notes of tropical fruit, bergamot and caramel.
  • Price we paid: €12.06/kg

    FOB: €8.86/kg

    Weight Purchased: 360 kgs

    Relationship: 2 years

    Importer: Nordic Approach

    Approximately 500 farmers deliver their cherries to Benti Nenka washing station for processing. The dried parchment must then be approved by the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) checkpoint where its contents are graded and registered as exportable product before it is warehoused in Addis Ababa. The exporter, Wete Ambela Coffee Export PLC then mills the coffee, prepares the export documentation and transports the coffee to the port in Djibouti. Our importer, Nordic Approach, ships the coffee to their warehouse in Belgium and arranges the onward transport to our roastery.