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Calendar with Friends

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  • What's in the Box?
  • Calendar with Friends is a monthly coffee box and podcast, curated by some of our favourite and most influential roasters from around the world.

    Every month, we'll send out two coffees, one of which will be from our featured roaster. This is available as a one time purchase or rolling subscription. Please note, this is only available as whole bean.

    Alongside the box, we'll be releasing a monthly podcast where we discuss all kinds of topics, from sourcing and roasting, to running a business and everything in between. Listen to the podcast here

    Cut off for pre-orders: Mon 22nd Aug
    Box ships: Mon 29th Aug

  • Roaster: Morgon (Gotenburg, Sweden)

    Filter Roast
    Country: Colombia
    Producer: Sandra Milena Mora
    Region: Palestina
    Process: Washed
    Variety: Caturra

    Morgon first met Sandra and her husband Hector back in 2016, and their coffee was some of the first they ever bought. Year after year, it’s been a favourite of theirs (and ours!) and we’re so happy they chose this for the feature. Not only does Sandra and Hector produce amazing coffee, they do it in the most inspiring way. Her farm is completely organic and of the 9 hectares she owns, she only farms 5 of them. This is because she believes her trees will be healthier and produce a better cup if they don’t run the risk of growing in a soil with monoculture. Diversity and nature are the keywords here and nothing is left to chance. Expect a creamy cup with notes of tropical fruit and caramel!

    Espresso Roast 
    Country: Costa Rica
    Producer: Montero Family 
    Region: Tarrazu
    Process: Honey
    Variety: Catuai

    Morgon's relationship with Carlos and his family began in 2016 when they visited Tarrazu. The Montero's have been producing coffee for three generations. Grandpa Eli was the first, followed by his son Carlos and his grandson Jacob. They visited their farm La Pastora several times over the years and besides their beautiful coffee, the family’s passion, friendliness and warmth is what really stands out. In Tarrazu, Carlos and his family are all about community. A lot of the neighboring producers see them as visionaries and leaders of the Tarrazu specialty coffee movement and look to them for inspiration and advice, which Carlos is always happy to give. Expect a creamy and balanced coffee, with notes of chocolate, coconut and peach.

    Calendar Coffee -
    Karimikui AA, Kenya, Filter Roast
    Teamwork Espresso, Nicaragua