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Calendar with Friends

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  • What's in the Box?
  • Calendar with Friends is a monthly coffee box and podcast, curated by some of our favourite and most influential roasters from around the world.

    Every month, we'll send out two coffees, one of which will be from our featured roaster. This is available as a one time purchase or rolling subscription. Please note, this is only available as whole bean.

    Alongside the box, we'll be releasing a monthly podcast where we discuss all kinds of topics, from sourcing and roasting, to running a business and everything in between.

  • Roaster: Lucid (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
    Country: Brazil
    Producer/Exporter: Mió 
    Region: Monte Santo de Minas
    Process: Natural (espresso) & Red Honey (filter)
    Variety: Yellow Catucai & Mundo Novo