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Christmas Coffee | Espresso

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  • Nectarine & Lemon
    Harvest: June 2023

    Country: Colombia
    Producer: Orlando Beltran
    Region: Garzon, Huila
    Process: Washed
    Variety: Bourbon, Colombia
    Altitude: 1,900 masl

    When choosing our Christmas coffee, we always try to pick something that everyone will love. A coffee that’s balanced, sweet and great for sharing, with flavours that go well with all the other good stuff we consume at this time of year! With help from our friends at Nordic Approach, we’ve sourced this beautiful lot from Orlando Beltran, and we hope you enjoy this festive treat as much as we do!

    Orlando owns and manages the farm Pan de Azucar (which translates as ‘Sugar Loaf’) in Garzon, Huila. The farm is 3.5 ha in size, with half a hectare covered in dense forest. This farm is located in a privileged area since the water Orlando uses for processing comes from an aqueduct that carries spring water directly from the mountain range. This coffee has been washed and dried in a parabolic dryer, which looks and functions alot like a greenhouse. We saw a lot of these dryers on our recent trip to Colombia, and they are necessary to protect the beans from the frequent showers that occur in this region. The parabolic dryers are highly effective and experienced producers will ensure they are well ventilated, in order to avoid drying it too quickly. It’s small details like this that really add to the overall cup quality and longevity of the green coffee.

    With flavours of nectarine, lemon and chocolate, this coffee is complex, sugary and incredibly moreish - perfect for brewing in bigger batches and for that post-dinner pick-me-up! These beans have been roasted for espresso brewing and would suit anyone using an espresso machine or stove top brewer.

  • Price we paid: €10.70 / kg

    FOB: €6.62 / kg

    Weight Purchased: 560 kg

    Relationship: 1 year

    Importer: Nordic Approach

    Orlando and his family have a 3.5 hectare farm, where they grow, harvest, pulp and ferment all of their coffee. After processing, they sell the parchment to Coocentral, a cooperative who mills the coffee, prepares the export documentation and transports the coffee to port. Coocentral then sells the coffee to our importer, Nordic Approach, who ships the coffee to their own warehouse in Belgium and arranges the onward transport to our roastery.