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Claudinei Montever | Brazil | Espresso


Toffee & Dried Apricot
Harvest: Jul-Aug 2019

Country: Brazil
Producer: Claudinei Montever
Region: Muzambinho, Sul de Minas
Process: Natural 
Variety: Yellow Catuai
Altitude: 970-1160 masl
Arrival: November 2019 

Brazil is surely the underdog of the speciality industry, known for its huge farms and mechanically picked and processed coffees. The large lots that are produced here are often cheap and nutty, but stable and consistent, which is why you’ll find Brazilian beans in many espresso blends worldwide. These coffees are often criticised for their lack of complexity, but if we’re willing to pay higher prices, producers are able to put more time and energy into the picking and processing of their crop. Simple changes such as selective picking, and drying the coffee slowly on raised beds or patios can dramatically improve the quality of the final cup. It’s for this reason we find Brazil an exciting and rewarding origin to work with. 

Sitio Betel is the name of the 20 hectare farm owned and run by Claudinei Montever in Muzambinho, Brazil. Claudiniei’s grandmother was also a coffee farmer, and from a young age he was exposed to farm life, helping her with the harvest and tending to the crops. When he could afford to, Claudiniei bought his own farm and named it Betel (God’s Home), where he tends to three varieties of Arabica; Mundo Novo, Red and Yellow Catuai. The coffee on his farm is picked mechanically but it’s later hand sorted to remove any under-ripe or overripe cherries before being laid out on the patio to dry. This coffee has been meticulously processed and its quality is credit to Claudinei’s attention to detail at every stage of its production. 

We’ve been really excited to get our hands on this coffee, not only because this is our first time roasting this variety but it’s one of the cleanest, naturally processed Brazilian coffees we’ve ever tasted. Smooth and sweet, it’s simply a joy to drink! Roasted for espresso, expect notes of peach, dried apricots and a toffee-like sweetness.