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Jamie Ariza Lot #26 | Colombia | Espresso


Blueberries & Chocolate

Harvest: December 2017

Country: Colombia
Producer: Jamie Ariza
Region: Concordia, Antioquia
Process: Fully Washed
Variety: Caturra
Altitude: 1890 - 2100 masl
Arrival: February 2018

Owned by Jamie Ariza, the farm La Virgen is located in the municipality of Concordia, Antioquia. The high altitudes and growing conditions found on this farm make it unique to the region. The 34 hectares is planted with a range of varieties, mainly Caturras, Castillos and old Variedad Colombia with small lots of Tabi, Geisha and SL28’s. Jamie and the farm manager Juan Saldarriaga are observing how each variety performs in the environment with the view to increase production over time.

Lot #26 is 100% Caturra variety which has proven to perform well on these high altitude farms. Jamie and Juan are also working with neighbouring producers, many of them young, progressive farmers, eager to prove that Antioquia has more to offer than simple, heavy bodied coffees. We think there is huge potential in this region and this coffee is proof of that. 

We love this espresso for its big body and aromatic berry notes, reminding us of blueberry muffins in milk!