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Kamwangi | Kenya | Espresso

Blackcurrant & Cranberry
Harvest: December 2021

Country: Kenya
Producer: New Ngariama Cooperative
Region: Kirinyaga
Process: Washed
Variety:  Batian, SL-34, Ruiru 11, SL-28
Altitude: 1,500 - 1,800 masl

The Kamwangi Factory is one out of three washing stations affiliated with the New Ngariama Cooperative Society in Kirinyaga, Central Kenya. This cooperative has proven to be very consistent in quality over the years, and have great systems for traceability and quality control. They are also recognised for giving a higher percentage of premiums back to the farmers compared to their competitors. 

Each farmer delivering to the station will tend to around 100 trees, delivering 25-50Kg of cherries over a two month period. Producers are paid according to quality, which is why most coffee is hand sorted on arrival, removing any visual defects and lower grade beans. The cherries are dry fermented for 24-36 hours under shade, before being washed and graded in channels, and dried on raised beds. The fresh river water used to wash the coffee is recycled throughout the day which helps significantly reduce water consumption. Soaking pits have also been established for waste water treatment. Kamwangi is Rainforest Alliance certified. 

This is the only Kenyan espresso we'll be releasing this year, and it's a fruit bomb! Expect those classic jammy berry notes, with a nice balance of flavours and lots of sweetness.