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Magwila AB | Tanzania | Espresso


Candied Orange & Plum
Harvest: July 2018

Country: Tanzania 
Producer: Magwila Farmers Group
Region: Mbozi, Songwe
Process: Washed
Variety: Kent
Altitude: 1,600 - 1,800 masl
Arrival: February 2019

We wholeheartedly believe that Tanzania is one of the most exciting coffee producing countries right now. There’s huge potential here and if you’re willing to look hard enough, you’ll find flavour profiles that’ll give their east African neighbours a run for their money!

Traditionally, coffee production has been centred in the north, around Arusha and Kilimanjaro. The coffees here are generally heavy bodied with a sweet but classic flavour profile. However, if you take a trip to the south of the country, you’re more likely to discover flavour profiles that lean towards floral, rosehip, rhubarb and citrus. It’s these exciting coffees that make us feel so strongly about the quality and potential that exists here.  

Magwila is a group of 8 smallholder farmers, located in the Mbozi district, southern Tanzania. The main season here runs from the end of May to July with the trees flowering between September and October. Despite using the high yielding Kent variety, a combination of older trees, frequent droughts and lack of irrigation in the area means production here is extremely low. On average, just 43 bags are produced by this group annually. Production may be small but the quality here is outstanding, showcasing what we love most about Tanzanian coffees. We feel very fortunate to have bought both the AA and AB graded lots this year.

The grading system here is based on size and is similar to what you would find in Kenya, with AA being the largest beans and PB being the smallest. The grade AB sits between the two and this particular lot has the sweetness, balance and depth of flavour we look for when selecting coffees for espresso. Super sweet, complex with a bright mouthwatering acidity, expect notes of candied orange, peach and plum with a squeaky clean finish. The sparkling acidity of this coffee compliments and cuts through milk beautifully, we think you’re going to love it!