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Cranberry & Golden Raisin
Harvest: May - Jun 2018

Country: Rwanda 
Producer: Justin Musabyimana
Region: Nyamasheke, Western Province
Process: Washed
Variety: Bourbon
Altitude: 1,900 masl
Arrival: December 2018

There’s something about peaberries that just makes us happy! Maybe it’s their small size and rounded edges or it’s the intensity of flavour we’ve come to expect from these coffees that always leaves us wanting more? Who knows. What we do know is this coffee tastes wonderfully fresh, clean and delicious and we’re delighted to welcome Mahembe PB to our range!   

Peaberry (PB) is a grade based on the smallest whole beans. This occurs when just one seed develops inside the coffee cherry rather than two. Instead of having a flattened surface on one side, these seeds are rounded, typically making up 5% of the crop. In a world where big is always best, these beans are often sold at a lower price or blended with other lots destined for the commodity market. Nordic Approach offered their first Peaberry Rwandan coffee 4 years ago, asking that these beans be kept separate during the milling process. Each year, we’re blown away by their jammy fruit notes and mouth watering acidity.  What’s more, these peaberry’s often outperform the more prized larger beans from the same lot.

Situated in Nyamasheke, Western Province, Mahembe is the name of the washing station, owned by Justin Musabyiama. As well as processing coffee from his own 8 hectare farm, Justin buys cherries from members of the Twitezimbere Mahembe Union, comprising of about 70% female members from the surrounding hillsides. The coffees processed here are generally very elegant and balanced, with lots of complexity and usually taste best 6 - 12 months from harvest. The way Justin organises his operations and the work he is doing on the ground to improve processing, has resulted in some of the best coffees to come out of Rwanda in recent years.  

If you liked Sehe Collective, our Christmas coffee, this one’s for you! Expect a golden raisin sweetness combined with a fresh raspberry acidity and a sweet cranberry finish.