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Rosendo Domingo | Guatemala | Filter

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  • Yellow Plum & Nougat
    Harvest: February 2023

    Country: Guatemala
    Producer: Rosendo Domingo
    Region: Petatán, Huehuetenango
    Process: Washed
    Variety: Caturra, & Pache Verde
    Altitude: 1,550 – 1,610 masl

    It's a sure sign of summer when the coffees from Rosendo Domingo are back in the range! This is the third year in a row we've bought from this farm, and we're always blown away by the quality and consistency of what’s produced here. Rosendo is a trained agronomist and second generation farmer, who has extensive experience in coffee production. At 0.7ha, his farm Buena Vista is very small, but Rosendo's experience and agricultural knowledge has resulted in some of the sweetest coffees we’ve tasted from Guatemala.

    During the harvest period, Rosendo ensures only the ripest cherries are picked, and they are depulped on the same day. This coffee has been fermented in water between 36 and 40 hours before being washed and sun dried on patios for five days. Once dried, the beans are sorted by hand to eliminate any remaining defects and impurities. This coffee was shade grown and processed using the natural spring water found in the area. Buena Vista is at the top of the places we would love to visit and we hope to continue buying Rosendo's coffee for years to come.

    Expect a well balanced and sugary cup, with notes of yellow plum, strawberry and nougat. Perfect for all types of filter brewing.

  • Price we paid: €9.95/kg

    FOB: €7.02/kg

    Farmer / Producer Price: €6.08/kg

    Weight Purchased: 345 kgs

    Relationship: 3 years

    Importer: Primavera

    Rosendo Domingo grows, harvests and processes all of the coffee on his farm, Buena Vista. After processing the coffee, Rosendo receives full payment for his parchment from La Central de Café who mills the coffee, prepares the export documentation and transports the coffee to port. Their sister company, Primavera Green Coffee then ships the coffee to their warehouse and arranges the onward transport to our roastery.