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Segundo Salvador | Peru | Espresso


Pecan Pie & Orange
Harvest: September 2019

Country: Peru 
Producer: Segundo Salvador Ruiz
Region: El Diamante, Cajamarca
Process: Washed
Variety: Yellow Caturra
Altitude: 1,850 masl 
Arrival: February 2019

We’re amazed at the potential in Peru! With simple equipment, minimal infrastructure and hardly any governmental support, there are still so many smallholder farmers producing exceptional coffees here. Sadly, the vast majority of these lots are blended together and sold for much less than they’re worth. Fortunately, things are changing. There are a number of organisations focused on building the speciality segment by teaching producers how to improve cup quality and rewarding them financially for their investment.

The 2019 harvest was a particularly good one for the north of Peru which is why we’re buying more coffees from this region than ever before. Harvested in late September and produced by Segundo Salvador, this beautiful micro lot comes from the Cajamarca region, known for its high altitudes and fertile soils. Segundo Salvador owns an 11 hectare farm, where 8 hectares are planted with coffee. The farm is USDA certified organic and his entire production consists of the Yellow Caturra variety. We’re very familiar with Caturra, a small and compact plant, popular among Central and South American producers, but this is our first time roasting a Yellow Caturra. The two cultivars are almost identical, except for the colour of their ripened cherries. Although some claim that the Yellow Caturra matures quicker than the more common red Caturra, the quality and yield potential of both plants are very similar.

The flavours, sweetness and structure of this coffee lends itself perfectly to espresso. With notes of caramel, toasted pecans and orange, we’ve been enjoying this one straight up, but it tastes pretty special in milk too!