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Sehe Collective | Burundi | Filter


Plum and Raspberry
Harvest: May-Jun 2018 

Country: Burundi  
Producer: Salum Ramadhan
Region: Bukinyanana, Cibitoke
Process: Washed
Variety: Bourbon 
Altitude: 2,200 masl
Arrival: October 2018 

Sehe Collective is a community blend of small, high quality lots from multiple producers surrounding the Sehe washing station. Due to their small size, these lots would normally be sold to the commercial market. Instead, they’ve been combined to create a larger collective lot, which has been sold at a higher price, providing better returns for the farmers.

Located in the province of Cibitoke, north Burundi, the Sehe washing station is owned by Salum Ramadhan. The season typically runs from late March to August, with the highest quality lots coming from the April to July pickings. The average farm is very small, between 250-300 trees. Cherries are picked by the household and premiums are paid above the market rate to incentivise selective picking and sorting.

Lot separation is normally based on the days picking, the area from where the cherries are produced and the processing method itself. Throwing out the rulebook, this coffee is a mix of washed lots from different days and locations. On paper at least, we wouldn’t expect this coffee to shine but it's one of the best Burundian coffees we've tried this year. Expect lots of sweet jammy fruits, delicate florals and a refreshing hoppiness in the finish.