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Teamwork Seasonal Espresso | Peru

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  • Cherry & Chocolate
    Harvest: August 2022

    Country: Peru
    Producer: Community Blend
    Region: Jaen, Cajamarca
    Process: Washed
    Variety: Caturra, Catuaí & Pache
    Altitude: 1,600 - 1,800 masl

    As the seasons change, so does our TEAMWORK espresso, highlighting the very best single origin coffees throughout the year. We’re looking for coffees that are balanced and sweet, delicious in milk, and with enough complexity to be enjoyed straight up. This coffee comes from a group of farmers growing coffee in the highlands from Jaen to San Ignacio, close to the Ecuadorian border. This region has a huge diversity of flora and fauna and rainfall throughout the year - perfect conditions for growing quality coffee. Expect a full bodied and indulgent espresso, with flavours of chocolate brownies and cherry.

    Today, nearly half of coffee production comes from countries predicted to lose more than 60% of land suitable for growing coffee by 2050. As temperatures rise and extreme weather becomes more frequent, coffee farming is becoming increasingly difficult and less profitable for many producers across the globe. World Coffee Research is a non-profit organisation providing farmers with the tools, knowledge, and plants necessary to adapt in a changing climate. Together with our importing partners Primavera, we are donating €0.50 from every Kg of TEAMWORK Seasonal Espresso to support their work.

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  • Price we paid: €10.67/kg

    FOB: €8.27/kg

    Farmer/Producer Price: €7.16/kg

    Weight Purchased: 5,520 kgs

    Relationship: 2 years

    Importer: Caravela

    Our Teamwork Espresso is purchased through Caravela, who is both the importer and exporter for this coffee. A total of 15 farmers from Cajamarca contributed to this lot, and their coffee was sold as dried parchment. Caravela purchased this coffee directly from the farmers with up front payments. Caravela are responsible for the dry milling, warehousing and logistical services of getting this coffee to our roastery.