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Ulises Nayra | Peru | Filter

Plum & Black Tea
Harvest: August 2022

Country: Peru
Producer: Ulises Nayra
Region: San Ignacio
Process: Washed
Variety: Caturra
Altitude: 1870 masl

Ulises Nyara is a young coffee producer from San Ignacio, northern Peru. His farm, Finca El Lechero, is extremely well organised and planted with a mix of Caturra (80%) and Catuai (20%) trees. Ulisis is quality oriented and very systematic in his approach. In 2019 he placed 12th in the annual cup of excellence competition.

The harvesting season in Peru runs from May-October, peaking around August, which was when this lot was picked. Ulises pays very close attention to all aspects of his production, and is always striving to improve things on the farm. He learnt many of his skills from his father, Maximilliano Garcia, who is also a well known producer in the area. During peak harvest time, Ulises employs up to 10 pickers who also help him prepare the coffee for processing. The farm has a small beneficio, where he pulps and ferments the coffee. The beans are dried in a parabolic dryer, or on the roof of his house, where Ulises uses shade nets for a more controlled drying process. Under normal conditions, drying takes 15-20 days. 

This coffee has been roasted for filter brewing, and it is certified organic. Expect a well balanced and moreish cup, with notes of milk chocolate,  plum and black tea.