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Uraga | Ethiopia | Espresso


Peach & Papaya
Harvest: December 2018

Country: Ethiopia
Producer: 2000 Smallholder Farmers  
Region: Guji
Process: Washed
Variety: Heirloom
Altitude: 2,000 - 2,400 masl
Arrival: May 2019

Ethiopia is universally referred to as the birthplace of coffee and of all the producing countries, it’s surely one of the most compelling. The flavours here are notably diverse from citrus to florals through to candied and even tropical fruit. The best washed coffees are incredibly elegant, complex and delicious, and this espresso from Guji is no exception.

Uraga is both the name of the greater area and the washing station where this coffee was grown and processed. Owned by Israel Degfa, the station is located at a whopping 2000 masl and the surrounding farms are at even higher altitudes. Due to cooler temperatures at night, the coffee here matures slowly and unlike other reigons of Ethiopia, picking continues right into February. The altitude and cooler temperatures also have an effect on the fermentation and drying of the coffee, which contributes to the unique aroma and flavour of the beans produced here.

All coffee is picked by hand and during harvest, over 2000 smallholder farmers deliver their cherries to the station for processing. The average farm size is 2-3 hectares and most of the coffees are organic by default. On delivery, farmers are paid premiums for higher quality cherries and most are registered for a second payment after the coffee is sold.    

Even though Uraga is a relatively new washing station, the management here is very strong. Israel and his team have invested a lot of time and effort into improving their processing techniques and the quality they’ve achieved this year is testament to their hard work. This particular lot was sourced through Nordic Approach and if you like your espresso on the tropical side, you won’t be disappointed! Expect lots of sweetness with notes of peach, papaya and white florals.