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William Muñoz | Colombia | Filter

Stone Fruit & Toffee
Harvest: August 2022

Country: Colombia
Producer: William Muñoz
Region: Huila
Process: Washed
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Altitude: 1800 masl

William Muñoz has been producing coffee for over 20 years, and in the early days he sold exclusively to the commodity market. When prices plummeted back in 2013, William began to question the sustainability of this farm. One day, he stumbled upon a conversation where he heard about a company that paid prices according to cup quality. This was a totally new concept for him, so he took a chance and delivered a sample to Caravela in the hope his coffee would match their criteria. Turns out, one of his Caturra lots scored 90 points and William was able to achieve a much higher price than he ever expected! With this new found confidence, he began learning about quality production and hasn’t looked back since. 

Since then, William has followed many of Caravela’s recommendations, including the way he processes his coffee, the varieties he grows on his farm, and some changes to his infrastructure. He’s constantly striving to innovate and improve, and loves performing experiments. A recent example of this was switching from fermenting without water to adding water to his fermentation process. This has helped him achieve more clarity, and higher cup scores for his coffees.  

Expect a bright, and fruity cup, with flavours of peach, grapefruit and toffee.