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Decaf Espresso | Colombia

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  • Stone Fruit & Treacle
    Harvest: October 2022

    Country: Colombia
    Producer: Community Blend
    Region: Suaza, Huila
    Process: Fully Washed & E.A Sugar Cane Sugar Decaffeination
    Variety: Caturra, Castillo & Colombia
    Altitude: 1,300 – 1750 masl 

    This coffee was sourced through Ositio who have been working with the group, colloquially known as “Divino Niño" in Suaza. Over the past four years, this group has grown from 25 producers to over 50. Edilma Polania Bermeo is the president of the group. Along with Adrian, Bocanegra and the group's treasurer, Mario Salazar, they keep the group organised and facilitate meaningful growth.

    This coffee has been decaffeinated at the Descafecol plant in Manzales, Colombia where Ethyl Acetate derived from 100% sugarcane and mountain water is used to remove 99.7% of the caffeine present. We love this processing method because it maintains fantastic integrity of green coffee flavour, and allows us to offer a coffee that is grown, processed and decaffeinated all at source.  

  • Price we paid: €10.00/kg

    FOB: €8.39/kg

    Weight Purchased: 350 kgs

    Relationship: 1 year

    Importer: Osito

    Suaza Decaf is made up of contributions from farmers in the Divino Niño Cooperative, which has over 50 farming families. Each of the farmers who contributed to this lot grew, harvested and processed their coffee before delivering it to Osito as dried parchment. Acting as both exporter and importer, Osito purchases from the cooperative with upfront payments, then takes care of the dry milling, decaffeination process, warehousing and logistical services of getting the coffee to our roastery.