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Alcidez Avendaño | Colombia | Filter

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  • Plum & Chocolate
    Harvest: September 2023

    Country: Colombia
    Producer: Alcidez Avendaño
    Region: Gigante, Huila
    Process: Washed
    Variety: Caturra
    Altitude: 1,900 - 2,100 masl

    This coffee comes from a producer we were fortunate to meet during our trip to Colombia last year. The farm Buena Vista is located in the high altitudes of Gigante Huila, where Alcidez Avendaño currently produces almost exclusively Caturra variety coffee. Caturra is known for its high quality beans but due to its susceptibility to leaf rust and other diseases it is considered by many producers in the area too risky to plant. Alcidez believes the risk and extra effort it takes to grow this variety is worth the quality he is able to achieve.

    We have bought from Alcidez before as part of our Teamwork Espresso programme, but our importer Caravela wanted us to visit the farm and meet him in person because of the potential he has for producing high scoring complex lots like this one. Roasted for filter brewing, expect a complex and well balanced cup, with flavours of plum and dark chocolate.

  • Price we paid: €11.95/kg

    FOB: €10.62/kg

    Farmer/Producer Price: €6.60/kg

    Weight Purchased: 350 kgs

    Relationship: 1 year

    Importer: Caravela

    Alcidez has a small farm called Buena Vista where he grows, harvests and processes all of his own coffee before delivering it as dried parchment to our exporter/importer Caravela. Alcidez sold his coffee directly to Caravela and received an upfront payment. Caravela were then responsible for the dry milling, warehousing and logistical services of getting the coffee to our roastery.