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Miguel Bohorquez | Colombia | Filter

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    Harvest: November 2023

    Country: Colombia
    Producer: Miguel Bohorquez
    Region: Garzon, Huila
    Process: Washed
    Variety: Pink Bourbon & Colombia
    Altitude: 1,800 masl

    Miguel Bohorquez is a smallholder coffee farmer from Garzon, Huila and is a member of the Coocentral Cooperative. This coffee is part of a project between Coocentral and Nordic Approach who are making a collaborative effort to enhance coffee quality and the well-being of producers in central Huila. The cooperative is investing in technical assistance, ongoing support, and training initiatives to empower growers and Nordic Approach are paying premiums for the highest scoring lots from each harvest.

    Since 2005, Coocentral has invested 2.8 million USD in social programs. These initiatives encompass housing, university education, healthcare support, funeral expenses, infrastructure development on farms, life and natural disaster insurance, an in-house education system for young growers and growers' children, as well as pension funds. Growers receive 100% of the premium paid above the current market and daily purchasing prices.

    This is our first time buying coffee from Miguel and we selected this coffee for its sweetness, florality and complex acidity. This lot is a mix of Pink Bourbon and Colombia varieties, and we think you can really taste this in the cup.

  • Price we paid: €10.19/kg

    FOB: €6.45/kg

    Weight Purchased: 210 kgs

    Relationship: 1 year

    Importer: Nordic Approach

    Miguel grows, harvests, pulps and ferments all of his coffee at his farm, El Triunfo. After processing, he sells the parchment to Coocentral, a cooperative who mills the coffee, prepares the export documentation and transports the coffee to port. Coocentral then sells the coffee to our importer, Nordic Approach, who ships the coffee to their own warehouse in Belgium and arranges the onward transport to our roastery.